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Day: January 9, 2019

New Year's Resolutions

Enhance Your Career in 2019 with These New Year’s Resolutions

Kustura Technologies wants 2019 to be YOUR YEAR! Let’s face it, as soon as we got used to writing “2018” on everything, 2019 snuck up on us! As business professionals, it’s always valuable to seek improvement within ourselves. January gives us the perfect opportunity to establish professional new year’s resolutions. Let’s examine two major areas every person wants to improve within their personal career, Success & Balance. Success is a goal every working person has. The problem is “success” is measured differently by each person. Kustura recommends making a checklist of smaller steps that will lead to accomplishing your main goal. Picture this, a college graduate working her first entry-level job in a non-profit environment. Her idea of success might be starting her own 501(c) (3) organization one day. Unless she is superwoman, this probably cannot be achieved in one year. What are some measurable goals she can set along the way?  Networking – Over the next year establish professional relationships with at least 5 local non-profits Mentor – Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn to find a Mentor working as a non-profit CEO Project – Develop an innovative project that will make a difference & stand out once added to resume

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