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Day: March 1, 2019

Technology Rage

How to Stop “Technology Rage” from Taking Over Your Office

UNDERSTANDING TECH RAGE The need for instantaneous results when dealing with technology has created a phenomenon best described as “technology rage”. We all know that overwhelming feeling of stress, anger, and anxiety when technology is not functioning correctly. Whether it be slow performance, connectivity issues, or frozen applications; it makes people bounce off the walls with frustration.  Luckily for Jacksonville Businesses, Kustura Technologies is here to help prevent technology rage from taking over your office. FINDING A MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDER (MSP) Statistics show over a third of Americans confess to experiencing technology rage. Within that group, 46% cited viruses or malware as the cause 16% were unsure what caused their technological malfunctions 12% blamed themselves (aka operator error) 10% suggested it was due to specific installed software 8% believed it was insufficient memory (RAM) issues Ask yourself this question, how many of these examples would you be able to troubleshoot on your own? These numbers prove that utilizing an MSP is key when trying to stop technology rage from taking over your office.  Perhaps your company has someone internal who handles IT or an actual IT department. You may think investing in a Managed Service Provider isn’t worth it. Kustura

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