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Day: August 20, 2019

Cost of Losing Your Data
Ayla Gwizdak

The Cost of Losing Your Data

What Does Losing Your Data Cost You? Losing your personal items is rough, but what about cost of losing your data?  We all worry that our family photos, financial statements, and documents are safe and sound. From monthly expenses to legal documents, every file you have saved is important. However, saving files directly to your computer doesn’t 100% guarantee the files are permanently safe. Hard drives can deteriorate over time with use, become outdated an inaccessible and unable to retrieve saved information. Computer hard drives can also be physically destroyed during catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, (disgruntled employee), floods, or fires . What Happens After You Lose Your Data? Sadly, for most businesses, having to keep the business doors closed means losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in revenue. Most businesses struggle to recover after being hit this hard financially. Businesses lose their clients when they can’t re-open fast enough. This is why it is vital for you to have a disaster recovery plan before the damage is done. Get back on your feet without facing huge fees, downtime and potentially having to close your front doors for good. If your business loses critical documents, you need to account for

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