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Day: September 13, 2019


6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Malware and Cyberattacks

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Malware and Cyberattacks     Keep software up to date I get it – updating software is annoying and time-consuming. It is very important though. Each update that is released for most software on the market increases security. Attackers find exploits in the software you use to access your system. You don’t want malicious people to be in your system. How software companies avoid this is by updating their software to protect against these kinds of attacks. The best way to stay safe is to update software as soon as updates are out. The easiest way to do this is to set up automatic updates – at the least, turn them on for your computer OS (Windows or Mac). Those are the most important software to update.     Anti-virus software Most computers nowadays come with anti-virus software built-in. It is important to keep those up to date and have them auto-scan your computer for any viruses or malware. Even if you follow all other tips on this list, some viruses or malware could get into your computer without your knowledge. It is important to have a software scan for issues as often as

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