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Day: October 1, 2019

kinds of hackers

Different Kinds of Hackers

In the world of computers, a lot is at risk. A lot of sensitive data is stored either on your own hard drive or in the server of a company. What is keeping that data safe? In the IT space, there are 3 kinds of hackers – white hat, black hat, and gray hat hacker. In short, white hatters are the good guys, black hatters are the bad guys, and gray hatters are somewhere in between. Black Hat Hackers Black hatters are the most infamous kind of hacker. They are the ones that are stealing data from corporations, stealing credit card information, and robbing banks. These guys want to gain fame or fortune from their endeavors. Black hatters never have good intentions with their work and do not care about how their hacking will affect others. White Hat Hackers White hatters break the hacker stereotype. White hatters are hired by companies to test the existing security. Their job is to find any loopholes in the system, and then create a defense against them. White hatters are so essential that the Government hires them to keep highly confidential information secure. They help the internet stay safe. Gray Hat Hackers Gray hatters

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