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Day: March 1, 2020


3 Key Reasons Small Businesses Should Switch to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions have become the go-to solution for small businesses for good reason. VoIP systems are significantly more affordable and offer more features than basic phone systems offered by local phone service providers. This gives small businesses the ability to leverage these benefits in ways they couldn’t previously by streamlining inbound calls to the proper individuals or departments, providing connectivity from Voicemail to email to ensure that messages are returned, and utilizing a custom Auto Attendant to give their small business a more corporate impression. Today, small business VoIP systems are transforming the way businesses communicate. This technology allows for phone calls to be made over the internet. Using VoIP, small businesses can build a dynamic phone system at a greatly reduced cost. With a small business VoIP calling plan, companies can install a variety of different features such as conference calling, auto-attendant, phone directories, IVR menus, voicemail, conferencing, ring groups, ACD queues, hold music, and more to enable your company to have a solid professional image.  Additionally, virtual phone systems are highly portable which often results in avoiding expensive transfer fees when moving your office to a different location. Virtual phone systems provide a level

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