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Day: April 1, 2020


Spam and Other Malicious Email Scams

Today’s leading Cyber-Security experts identify spam as one of the main sources of cyber-attacks. These unwanted emails are more than just annoying irritants. To protect your data from the risk of cyber-attack during this time of increased remote work, you need a powerful comprehensive email security solution. Below are several email security protection strategies that can shield your company from email-based cyber-security attacks. Email is a critical aspect of business communications in today’s corporate environment. We continually share critical and sensitive business information by email. It is therefore vital to maintain an advanced email protection system in order to keep this information secure. This email protection package should offer anti-spam software, encrypted email backups, private and secure cloud-based email delivery along with anti-phishing security awareness training. Let’s take a deeper dive into some common tactics online scammers use:         Pretending to be your boss or another person that’s higher up in your company. It’s easier to convince you to do what they’re asking if it appears to be from someone from within your company. This is also known as CEO fraud.         Emotional manipulation by implying that the situation is highly time-sensitive and that

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