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Day: December 1, 2020


3 Tips on Avoiding Phishing, Malware, and Other Cyber Scams

In this blog, we will review some tips on preventing malicious malware from infecting your computer. During this unusual holiday period, your inbox is probably flooded with many festive greetings and seasonal communications. Chances are that you will also receive a high volume of phishing attacks. These attacks may come disguised in previously sent email threads, but they might appear in a new format. The message might arrive with the same subject line and content you actually sent to someone you know. The email could be just a portion of the complete text, and it can be recent or from several months ago. The catch is that because the original content was real, it seems familiar, even though it now has an added link or attachment that the hacker has incorporated to tempt you to click on it. How can you prevent being taken in by this type of scam? We suggest that first, you check the sender’s email address. Do not just check the sender’s name, but verify the actual email address from where it was sent. In this hoax, the sender will not be the actual person you have previously emailed. Therefore, the email address from where it

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