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Day: April 1, 2021


5 Ways to Protect Your Company from Cybersecurity Attacks

Basic Facts about Cybersecurity Attacks Today’s businesses are thoroughly dependent upon the wide accessibility and convenience of the internet. But the prevalence of internet use also contains the risk of cyberattack by unscrupulous hackers. Your company depends on its business data to operate competitively.  The extensive dependence on the web makes your company vulnerable to data breaches, which are extremely expensive for companies to fix. To prevent these types of breaches, companies need to establish a robust network security approach.  In this blog, you will learn about some recent network security threats to prevent a data breach –  such as the recent Microsoft Exchange Mass Attack or the Solar Winds cyberattacks – and how to protect your technology from these threats. Common Cybersecurity Threats Cybersecurity is a vital part of every company. Over time, it’s easy to become less vigilant about security procedures. Until your company suffers a cyberattack, you don’t realize the value of comprehensive network security. Some of the more insidious threats include Phishing, Spear phishing, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, and Denial of service (DOS) attacks. It is crucial to know how to safeguard your company because security risks are so widespread. Here are five security steps to follow:

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