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Day: January 21, 2022

storm season
Ayla Gwizdak

How to Prepare your Business for Hurricane and Storm Season

The state of Florida is no stranger when it comes to hurricane and storm season. For roughly six months a year, the Atlantic hurricane season provides potential threats to individuals and businesses calling Florida home. In fact, there is not a single stretch of coastline in the state that hasn’t at one point been impacted by a hurricane. Even for those more inland, the risk of landfall is still there each year.   Natural disasters often leave visible signs of destruction, such as damaged buildings, downed power lines, or flooded streets. Not to be forgotten is the damage these storms can have on non-visible assets – such as data. Knowing the potential consequences of storm season and taking proactive steps to prevent irreversible damage or loss is something in which all responsible business owners should invest.  HURRICANE & STORM SEASON June 1 – November 20 Potential Damage to Hardware and Equipment Storms often cause power outages or surges. In more severe cases, they can even damage electrical outlets, cause fires, and severely affect key equipment needed to run your business. Potential damage doesn’t just refer to PCs. Storms can also damage telephone systems, security systems, and other hardware equipment. One of

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