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Day: February 11, 2022

voice over internet protocol
Angela Batterson

A Complete Guide to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Even as recently as a decade ago, the majority of businesses relied heavily on traditional phone systems for use in communicating internally or with external stakeholders. However, with internet speeds and technology continuing to improve, many now rely on voice over internet protocol(VoIP) as an alternative. This technology essentially allows users to place and receive phone calls via an internet connection, rather than a traditional analog telephone line. Some VoIP systems only allow communications with other devices using the same technology. However, most now allow for communication with others either using the same tech or using traditional phone lines. How Does VoIP Work? In theory, the ability to call others via the internet sounds wonderful. But, how exactly does the technology work? When picking up a device to place a call, a VoIP system converts communication on your end into a digital signal which is then compressed and transmitted via the internet to either another device or traditional phone line. In the early days of its introduction, VoIP generally required a specific VoIP-enabled phone or device to utilize the technology. However, many versions now offer an app available for download on most smartphones. Upon downloading the app, devices are assigned

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