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Day: February 22, 2022

website design
Angela Batterson

The Best Website Design Tips to Grow your Business

It used to be the case that businesses relied on print advertising and word of mouth as channels in which to grow their business. With the reliance on modern technology greater now than ever, a strong web presence is crucial for business success and long-term growth. Not all websites are created equal, either. There are some key strategies to implement when creating a website that will help both increase your online presence and continuously grow your customer base. Use Clear, Focused Messaging and Navigation Users visit a website for several reasons – for information, guidance, to shop, etc. No matter what, the messaging used on your website should be clearly tied to your business goals. In some cases, businesses offer goods or services for sale directly from their website. In these instances, the site should be easy to search and navigate and should contain a product catalog for users to easily find what they want to purchase. From the home page on – users need to be able to quickly identify where to purchase goods/services and to navigate to that area with ease. Sites with convoluted structures or those that take too many clicks to navigate often leave users headed

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