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Day: March 11, 2022

Having printer issues a man presses the button on an office printer
Angela Batterson

The Most Common Copier & Printer Issues

Even in the digital age where much of business occurs online, most offices still rely on printers and copiers in some capacity. Whether that be to print reports, keep hard copies of employee files, or any other ad hoc printing need, copier and printer issues can significantly affect daily operations if not remedied quickly. When it comes to office machines, there are several common problems to watch out for. Some are solvable in-house with minor adjustments. Others require a more in-depth knowledge of the machines and are best suited for a local IT professional or team. Either way, printers, and copiers are important aspects of IT not to be ignored if you want to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Slow Printing Speed Printers and copiers vary significantly in terms of speed, so slow printing may sometimes be attributed to the device’s quality, size, or style. But, there are often steps you can take to improve printing speed. Many pieces of office equipment now communicate with others via Wi-Fi, rather than a traditional cable connection. Machines located too far away from the router may suffer from slower communication and printing speed, so be strategic about where devices and routers go in relation

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