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Day: April 12, 2022

Data center used in data backups
Angela Batterson

The Importance of Data Backups

A decade ago, it was still common practice to store and move data via an external device (a CD, USB Flash Drive, etc.). Before then, floppy disks were the norm. However, with the introduction of cloud storage solutions and the ease of transferring data and information via the internet, storing and sending data has never been easier. Whether you choose to store your information on a hard drive, external storage device, or within the cloud, important considerations must be made regarding security and safety. One aspect of protecting your data involves backing that data up, and doing so regularly. Data backups are a proactive step to ensure that if your data is breached or lost for any reason, you are covered. Potential Causes of Data Loss When data or information is destroyed or deleted, it is referred to as data loss. There are several ways for data loss to occur – some intentional and others by accident. Either way, the impact of data loss on operations is often significant. The most common causes of data loss include: Hardware/Software Issues: The reliability of both hardware and software has significantly improved with technological advances over the past few decades. However, issues still

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