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Day: May 6, 2022

Utility Truck restoring power after a hurricane during storm season
Angela Batterson

Preparing for the 2022 Hurricane and Storm Season

During an average storm season, the chances that a major hurricane will strike within 50 miles of Florida is 29%. As we enter the 2022 storm season, that is predicted to be around 44%, according to Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project. So, what does this mean for Florida residents and business owners? Preparing for storm season as a business owner is critical, especially in an area so heavily affected by tropical storms and hurricanes like Florida. What that preparedness means will look differently depending on the business. However, for any organization that utilizes technology in their daily operations – it’s critical to think about IT and how to reduce the risk of a storm causing costly, long-term damage this season. Because IT encompasses both physical and digital assets, a good protection and recovery strategy will consider all areas of potential loss or damage and protect against that when at all possible. Potential Dangers of Storm Season for IT Equipment Storm season presents several risks for IT equipment and its functionality. Often, storms bring lightning and surges in electricity that can severely damage equipment, including servers and computers. When a surge occurs, it often causes damage to electrical outlets. In

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