Managed Service IT Provider

Day: June 10, 2022

Kustura IT Services - IT engineer in local data center
Angela Batterson

Three Reasons to Choose Local for IT Services

Many large businesses have internal IT needs to handle tasks like networking, email services, and cybersecurity.  However, for small and mis-sized businesses, this is generally feasible.  So, many organizations look to external partners for their IT needs.  Options for these services continue are seemingly endless, with new virtual IT organizations popping up daily.  With all of the options available online, why might an organization choose to stay local when it comes to IT services?  There are several reasons.  Choosing local often means customized solutions and superb responsiveness in times of trouble. 1. Customized Solutions Most large managed service providers (MSPs) provide a few different plan options so that businesses looking for IT support can choose which works best for their needs.  However, customization of these plans is generally pretty limited, or not available at all.  These providers likely serve hundreds or thousands of clients, so they keep offerings standardized in order to provide what most businesses require. One of the biggest benefits of going with a smaller, local provider is that they can often craft a customized plan of support based on a business and their specific needs.  This ensures that all needs are covered as well as prevents clients

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