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Day: June 24, 2022

Cyber terrorist in a computer room creating ransomware - Kustura Managed IT services
Angela Batterson

Protecting your Business Against Ransomware

Over the past couple of years, the soaring number of ransomware attacks has made headlines countless times. Not only is ransomware being deployed more often, but the technology behind it advances each year, creating sophisticated attacks that strike without warning. Often, news coverage of ransomware attacks focuses on large-scale schemes affecting major corporations and their entire customer bases. However, these attacks also affect smaller organizations and individuals, so business owners need to understand the severity of the threat of ransomware attacks and how to best prevent them from affecting their business. What is Ransomware? To best prevent a ransomware attack, it’s critical to first understand this type of malware and how it works. The general term malware refers to any program created to infiltrate, steal, or damage a piece of technology. Within that broader group, malware can be broken down into more specific categories, like viruses and ransomware. The latter is unique because once it infiltrates your system, it locks or encrypts devices, networks, and/or files and data – demanding a ransom fee in return for the stolen items. Fees demanded by cyber attackers vary, mostly due to the size of the potential impact of the theft. With more than

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