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Day: July 28, 2022

Man sitting in front of a broken computer after making an IT mistake
Angela Batterson

5 Common IT Mistakes Small Businesses Make

There are many aspects to running a small or medium-sized business, other than simply generating revenue. Business owners must ensure that the operational side of the business functions efficiently in order to achieve long-term success. Operations covered a variety of business functions, including talent management and human resources, accounting, marketing, and information technology (IT). Much of running a successful business is learned over time, especially as mistakes are made and adjustments are implemented to avoid them in the future. However, when it comes to IT, what can seem like small mistakes often can have serious consequences. So, it’s wise for business owners to start operating with a strong IT infrastructure in place to avoid these mistakes entirely. While this list is certainly not inclusive of all IT mistakes, avoiding these is sure to result in IT operations that are more secure and more efficient. 1. Choosing Software/Hardware Without End User Input Selecting critical IT components and devices seems like a decision for upper management within an organization. However, there is a perspective to consider that many often forget. When choosing a piece of software, for example, gathering input from the end users that will potentially use that software is smart.

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