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Day: August 26, 2022

Female technician setting up an IT system in a data center
Angela Batterson

Top Things to Consider when Setting up a Business IT Network

Prior to technology becoming a daily part of life and commerce, business owners didn’t need to think about a network to support their operations. However, modern organizations almost always utilize computers and internet-reliant pieces of technology daily. Many are even operating 100% remote, meaning all hiring, onboarding, training, and job functions are performed in a digital space. Therefore, part of setting up a business is determining and implementing an IT network and everything needed to operate effectively and efficiently. Depending on the business’ size, industry, and many other factors, that network can and does look completely different from business to business. However, the basic process for developing a business’ IT network remains the same. Needs Vs. Wants The first step in creating an IT network that meets your business needs is to figure out what those needs are. For example, how many employee workstations do you need? What storage capacity does the organization require? Will employees need devices and network access for working remotely? Once those needs are all laid out it will be easier to understand device and connection requirements to build the network. Obviously, for businesses hoping to grow, the list of wants far exceeds what is needed

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