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Day: November 13, 2022

Angela Batterson

Three Benefits of Email Security Training

Organizations tend to invest in training for their employees in several areas, including job responsibilities as well as company policies, HR processes, and safety. Growing in commonality is offering cybersecurity and email security training for employees to keep them, their personal information, and company information secure throughout their employment. Most working adults know how to send and receive emails, browse the internet, and utilize mobile and desktop applications for everyday tasks. So, why the need to invest in training in these areas? There are several benefits of offering email security training within an organization.   Protection Against Cyber Attacks Likely the biggest benefit of offering email security training within an organization is the added layer of protection it adds against potential cyber threats. These types of training provide valuable insight for employees when it comes to what to look out for as they work which might leave them (and the company) vulnerable to an attack. Threats include phishing scams and other malware that can infect an organization’s information or devices. Cyber attackers don’t just target larger corporations with these scams. They commonly target small businesses with fewer resources in their IT department – and often, more vulnerable infrastructures. Effective email

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