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Day: December 2, 2022

retailer packages purchased by ecommerce bots
Angela Batterson

Cybersecurity Concerns over eCommerce Bots

eCommerce Bots aren’t a new threat in the eCommerce space. However, with more holiday shoppers going digital each year, 2022’s Black Friday brought to light the current battle retailers are fighting. Bots come in many forms with varying levels of sophistication. The threat they pose to retailers and their customers is multifaceted as well. Owners must be aware of what bot schemes exist and take preventative measures to prevent them from causing harm to themselves or their client base. Potential Dangers of Bot Shoppers for Retailers   One of the most known negative results of bots in retail is their use in reselling items. The resale market has boomed over the past few years. When shoppers opt for used items – that often carries many benefits in terms of individuals saving money and environmental sustainability. However, bots aren’t being used to support a less commercial lifestyle for individuals. Shopper bots are used by resellers to buy out items at face value, preventing individuals from acquiring them and forcing them to opt for purchasing from the reseller at an inflated price point. For the original retailers, selling out of an item via bots vs individual consumers provides the revenue they are

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