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Day: December 23, 2022

small business computer working on a secure IT infrastructure
Angela Batterson

Four Easy Swaps for a More Sustainable Office

Sustainability is not a new concept in the workplace, but in recent years – more businesses have made reducing environmental impact and increasing sustainability a top priority. Heading into a new year, more business owners are adding it to their goals for 2023. Pivoting to more sustainable options in an office setting may seem challenging or too expensive for organizations, especially small and mid-sized businesses. But, there are several easy and inexpensive swaps offices can implement quickly to become a more sustainable environment and lower their carbon footprint. Here are four easy and inexpensive options to help you become more sustainable (and effective) in 2023.   Combine Office Equipment Functionality  Most traditional offices require several pieces of equipment to support daily operations, including printers, copiers, and scanners. Even with an increase in reliance on the digital storage and transmission of information and files, most offices still operate using paper to some extent. Rather than sticking with single-function machines (i.e. a traditional copier), swap those for robust, multifunctional devices. Multi-functional printers can perform many functions traditionally reserved for separate devices. They allow users to scan, copy and print with ease – while also taking up less space than multiple devices. While

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