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Day: January 6, 2023

handicap sign representing website accessibility
Angela Batterson

The Importance of Website and App Accessibility

In the current world of website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) seems to be the top priority for businesses. Implementing a solid SEO strategy gets web users to navigate to your site. Once there, the website must be streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and full of rich content. Also, it is critical that users can navigate the site and absorb information on it easily, including those with disabilities. That is where the need for accessibility comes in.     What Does Accessibility Mean on a Website? Accessibility refers to the ease with which users can access the information on a site, including those with sensory impairments or other disabilities. Failing to provide an accessible site means limiting who can access that information. It can be compared to inaccessibility in a physical location, like a multi-level building with stairs as the only option to change floors. Those without the ability to climb stairs are limited to the spaces they can journey, making the products, services, or information located on other levels inaccessible.   Most adults access the internet daily to some extent. Many with disabilities utilize tools to make accessing and understanding information easier. Such tools include screen readers for those with

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