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Day: February 3, 2023

small business computer working on a secure IT infrastructure
Angela Batterson

Top IT Needs for Small Businesses

The definition of a small business differs depending on who you ask. Many people base that distinction on the number of workers an organization employs, but others classify small businesses based on their revenue. It’s fair to say that a small business employs less staff and brings in less annual revenue than a corporation or the average-sized business. In establishing or purchasing a small business, owners must consider the IT needs of the business as these provide the foundation of operations and daily activities of most companies.   A Secure, Effective, & Scalable IT Infrastructure   It’s not enough to purchase equipment/devices for employees in preparation for daily activities. A solid IT infrastructure provides a base from which to build upon as the organization operates – and hopefully, grows. Depending on the size and needs of a business, that infrastructure can look different (and more or less complex). In general, creating that infrastructure involves identifying the following:   Hardware Requirements:  Hardware includes computers, employee laptops or mobile devices, WiFi routers, and servers.   Software Needs: any software programs or applications necessary for operating. The types of software available to businesses is almost limitless, but often include operating systems, HR software, payment

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