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4 Ways Cloud Solutions Can Benefit your Business

Developers now create applications and software at a more rapid pace than ever and often write these to be exclusively cloud-hosted. For businesses utilizing these apps, opting for cloud network solutions is becoming increasingly the norm. Organizations utilizing cloud-based networks often save when it comes to time, effort, and above all – money. While switching to a cloud-based approach may not work for all businesses, it is certainly an option to consider for those looking to grow their business over time. In fact, there are four key benefits from utilizing cloud solutions in your organization.

What all does Cloud Solutions Include?

When thinking about cloud solutions, there are several applications to consider. One of the most important is storage – both for files and important data as well as programs and application storage. Not all businesses are equipped with the infrastructure to handle the necessary storage of this in-house. Rather than storing on-site, many businesses utilize cloud storage as an alternative. 

Also, many business owners now rely on cloud-hosted networks to share applications and software throughout their organization. As opposed to having to download these apps to each device, they are accessible via the cloud.

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Benefits of Using Cloud Solutions

  1. Accessibility

One of the most popular benefits of cloud solutions versus traditional IT storage and networking efforts is the ease of access throughout the organization. Using cloud services allows individuals to access stored files, applications, and other programs and resources from nearly anywhere. Businesses can choose which devices are approved, and from there – it’s easier than ever to have full access to needed files and programs. Working from home has become standard in many industries, and cloud solutions ultimately mean employees can access what they need to perform their job from anywhere.

  1. Scalability

Growth continues to be one of the top goals for organizations. However, adequately preparing for that growth is equally important as making it happen. Many businesses have grown too quickly without adequately preparing for that growth, thus it ultimately is not sustainable. When it comes to IT – rather than waiting for growth to happen and then adjusting, the best approach is to choose a solution that can scale quickly and easily should growth opportunities present themselves.

Unlike traditional IT, cloud services allow for fast growth, as they are easily scalable. Services can even be adjusted in real-time, without making room for more or bigger servers or adding and updating devices in person.  

Not to be forgotten is the need for scaling down. For businesses experiencing regular seasonal growth and decline, cloud solutions provide a way to adjust to that cycle each year without investing in temporary solutions that go unused during slower periods.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

IT equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. Businesses that utilize cloud solutions often spend much less on equipment and maintenance costs. In these cases, organizations don’t buy their own network server. Should the need for maintenance arise or simply the need for additional storage, these organizations also save by not needing to make those adjustments in-house. Additionally, as software or applications need updates, those are done via the cloud, so no need to spend money and time updating each device individually.

Going back to scalability, there are also significant cost savings for growing businesses needing to scale quickly. Cloud services are easily adaptable as businesses grow throughout their lifespan, ultimately saving owners from spending thousands on new equipment and servers to accommodate that growth.

  1. Workload Reduction

Choosing cloud services over traditional IT solutions often saves organizations and individuals time by reducing workloads. Tasks such as backing up data or files, updating software, or downloading files for access later are eliminated. Cloud-based networking and storage mean less time spent overall on IT in-house, leaving more time for employees to work on tasks crucial to organizational success and growth.

Outsourcing Cloud Management with Kustura Technologies

Switching to a cloud-based approach to IT can be accomplished within an organization with the right IT infrastructure and team in place. However, for many small and mid-sized businesses, resources and knowledge don’t exist in-house. Outsourcing the cloud management side of things often provides businesses a way to utilize cloud services without a greater IT investment.

Kustura Technologies provides cloud services that are tailored to each organization, meaning you receive custom solutions that best fit your business. Because our plans cover most cloud needs, organizations avoid having to staff an IT department as well as those unexpected expenses when issues arise.

Peace of mind is our overall goal for our customers, so we provide 24/7 support from our team of trained IT experts. IT emergencies arise for several reasons, and handling them quickly and efficiently often means less impact on your business. Rather than depending on an external IT company to come in during an emergency, which can often take time and come with high costs, partnering with Kustura means our team is at the ready if and when disasters occur.

Migrating to a cloud-based way of handling IT isn’t ideal for all businesses, but for most – it provides an overwhelmingly easier solution for IT now and as the business grows. Making the switch may seem intimidating, but we make it easy for our customers. We can handle initial set-up and the migration to the cloud, answering questions and building custom solutions along the way. Our team is here to provide you the peace of mind you need when it comes to IT and to free up your staff so they can work on growing the business in other ways. To learn more about our custom-managed IT services or to start your migration to the cloud, give us a call at (904) 855-8885 or send us a message. We look forward to helping you relieve some of the stress that comes with managing IT and setting your business up for future growth!

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