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5 Advantages of VoIP vs Traditional Phones for Your Business

What is VoIP?

Let’s unpack the meaning of “VoIP.” It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In basic terms, instead of transmitting through analog phone lines, VoIP technology transforms phone calls into information parcels that are sent via the internet. In other words, this technology uses the internet to make a phone call instead of a phone line that is connected to the wall.
What are the key advantages that VoIP offers? First, let’s review how it helps small businesses:

1.     Affordability

The number one benefit of a VoIP phone system is its lower cost.  By using VoIP, you will probably see significant savings because VoIP systems do not require individual phone lines. As a result, there will be no more expensive phone bills where you have to pay separate fees for each line, and VoIP already includes many popular features like voicemail, auto-attendants, and call forwarding. Unfortunately, these features add up and end up costing much more than using an internet-based system. Empty A wallet,The wallet is in man's hand on white background.

2.     Audio Quality

VoIP phone systems allow users to make or receive calls wherever an Internet connection exists.  Using a traditional analog phone system requires a physical phone line that is located in a specific location. With a VoIP system, a phone line is simply a number assigned to a user. Some old-school legacy phone proponents may tell you that VoIP quality isn’t as good as a regular phone line, but this simply isn’t true.  Although VoIP service requires a certain amount of bandwidth to work properly, you already have sufficient bandwidth if you’re using the Internet for anything in your business. Furthermore, with a strong Internet connection and appropriate bandwidth, the audio quality of VoIP calls often exceeds that of traditional phone systems.

3.     Flexibility

VoIP systems exist in a cyber environment which makes them highly flexible. For example, if you need to resize your company, it’s as easy as increasing or decreasing your service package, adding more or less users, and changing the size of your bandwidth. If your company is growing, adding users can be arranged either by your call center personnel or IT team, which means that there’s also no need to create a ticket or spend time with on-site service calls.

4.     Coverage

For over a year, since the start of the pandemic lockdown, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of staff working remotely. Wherever that user may be –at home, the office, or the library – if there’s Internet, the VoIP phone works.  The access that your employees have has just become much greater! Often, small businesses could not benefit from this increased connectivity due to the high cost of purchasing additional devices for home offices and increased connectivity costs. VoIP makes this all super convenient by facilitating mobile communication and bridging previously disconnected sources from mobile phone to tablet to laptop.

5.     Trustworthiness

VoIP technology has been around for close to twenty years, and it’s become a trusted form of communication.  Many VoIP providers offer various levels of connectivity and support.  When you’ve decided to upgrade from a traditional phone system to VoIP technology, choose a provider who will accommodate your business’s specific needs and budget. For more information about the benefits of Kustura VOIP phone systems for your business, contact:

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