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5 Ways to Choose the Best MSP For Your Business

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) provide professional monitoring and oversight of business technology for local companies. For those businesses who are still working with an “IT guy,” it may be time to rethink whether all their needs are being served. Technology has advanced a lot since the days of fee-for-service when companies repaired computers as issues arose. Business needs have recently expanded to include more complex digital communication functions, and professional MSPs offer comprehensive solutions in budget-friendly, easy to access customized packages.

Many businesses are hesitant to outsource support to an outside party because they think their current IT system is good enough and does not need regular attention. We believe the time has come to revisit this approach and consider all the benefits a managed services provider offers.

What are Managed Services?

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Managed Services oversee all IT functions by an outsourced team of experts who can jump in and fix any issues and consult proactively about all IT-related solutions. So, let’s explore why Managed IT services providers may offer the best solution for small businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

The interest in managed services has grown dramatically in the past few years. The global managed services market was estimated to be approximately $185.98 billion in 2019 and is forecast to grow to $356.24 by 2025.

This increase in use is considered to be based on the need for small businesses with limited resources to have access to the most current IT in order to continue to grow in their market. Managed Service providers enable small businesses to play on a  leveled field with much larger corporations without overwhelming their budgets.

  1. Get the Expertise You Need

As technology changes, it is necessary to have the most up-to-date IT system, which may be more than your current IT team can handle. And the question is: who will monitor and coordinate your IT infrastructure? Whether your network is housed on-site or in the cloud, you’ll need to allocate significant capital to manage all the IT issues that might arise. This is nearly impossible for a small business.

Although these problems can be solved by adding more tech experts to your staff, it becomes untenable for a small company to manage the increased financial strain. One key benefit of the managed services approach is that it allows you to hire a group of IT professionals for one flat-rate fee per month.

  1. Receive On-going Support 24/7

One of the main advantages of having an MSP is ongoing 24/7 support, on-call availability, and weekend coverage. When searching for the perfect MSP, the service should ensure that help is available whenever you need it.

The optimal MSP should:

  1.   Provide 24/7 support

2.       Have a robust backup and disaster recovery plan

  1.   Offer cybersecurity protection and training
  2.   Utilize remote monitoring and management for proactive maintenance
  3.   Have a reliable, expert team of technicians dedicated to your business

Most MSPs will customize your agreement package to match your needs — from fee-for-service options to comprehensive service support or a limited-time engagement to ongoing services, providing support according to your specific need.

  1. Focus on Core Objectives

Your company’s IT needs will change as your business expands. Your IT team may not be able to handle all the additional tasks as your company grows, necessitating you to have non-tech personnel manage some IT issues, which can redirect their focus from core business operations.

Managed services enable you to cover personnel shortages as necessary. A full-service MSP will allow you to choose the level of service that best fits your needs, from basic support to all-inclusive, comprehensive IT management.

  1. Keep Costs Affordable

Partnering with a Managed Services provider allows businesses to manage their budgets better. It facilitates budgeting the cost of IT management monthly, removing the cost of hiring and training new IT staff.  Having skilled IT experts available to support your company whenever needed helps avoid unexpected, sometimes substantial, IT outlays.

Many MSPs, like Kustura, offer a mix and match model of services, including Cybersecurity, managed IT for office and remote computer network management. They also provide various related support and products like VoIP, Printer and copier supplies and repair, etc., so that you can decide what portion of your IT budget you would like to outsource.

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Additionally, suppose your contract includes Cybersecurity and avoidance of business interruption. In that case, you will never have to be concerned with unexpected service expenses such as ransomware attacks, natural disaster outages, and other events. Ensure that the MSP you choose has their own private data center where your business data is stored, so they’ll be able to escalate and maintain the integrity of your confidential business data secure.

  1. Provide continual proactive cybersecurity protection

Many MSPs offer cyber protection. Some, like Kustura, go a step further by providing comprehensive cybersecurity protection and staff awareness training. This protects your company from internal inadvertent phishing scams, harmful email malware, and ransomware attacks. 

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We at Kustura are always available to provide a free network analysis and cyber audit. We’re happy to explore partnering with you at a level you feel serves your IT needs adequately.


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