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5 Ways to Protect Your Company from Cybersecurity Attacks

Basic Facts about Cybersecurity Attacks

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Today’s businesses are thoroughly dependent upon the wide accessibility and convenience of the internet. But the prevalence of internet use also contains the risk of cyberattack by unscrupulous hackers. Your company depends on its business data to operate competitively. 

The extensive dependence on the web makes your company vulnerable to data breaches, which are extremely expensive for companies to fix. To prevent these types of breaches, companies need to establish a robust network security approach. 

In this blog, you will learn about some recent network security threats to prevent a data breach –  such as the recent Microsoft Exchange Mass Attack or the Solar Winds cyberattacks – and how to protect your technology from these threats.

Common Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity is a vital part of every company. Over time, it’s easy to become less vigilant about security procedures. Until your company suffers a cyberattack, you don’t realize the value of comprehensive network security. Some of the more insidious threats include Phishing, Spear phishing, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, and Denial of service (DOS) attacks.

It is crucial to know how to safeguard your company because security risks are so widespread. Here are five security steps to follow:

1. Standardize Software

Make sure that your software is standardized in order to keep your data protected. 

Prevent users from installing unauthorized software onto the network. Decrease the security risk by becoming thoroughly familiar with the software on your system. Ensure that all computers use the same browser, operating system, media player, and plugins. 

In addition, software standardization facilitates system updates throughout the IT structure.

2. Use Network Protection Procedures

Protecting your network is vital. To keep your network safeguarded: use a virtual private network (VPN), conduct regular maintenance audits, install a robust firewall, establish appropriate access controls, and use network segmentation. This will prevent breaches such as the Microsoft Exchange and Solar Winds attacks.

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3. Strengthen Access Control

Access control is an integral part of cybersecurity. Unsecured access control exposes your data and systems to unsanctioned access. Increase access control by implementing a strong password protocol. This should include a mix of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Users should reset default passwords regularly. Furthermore, businesses should develop a firm access control policy company-wide.

4. Ensure that Software Is Always Updated

As annoying as those update messages can be, they are crucial to your system’s smooth operation. Make sure that your software is updated, including anti-virus software. As new versions of the software are introduced, they usually incorporate fixes for more recent security risks. Manual software updates are irritating and can take a long time, so try implementing regular automatic software updates.

5. Staff Training and Cyber Security Awareness

The origin of cybercrime comes from various sources, but often, the source is internal. Data security is often unwittingly breached by your employees. Make sure that your company offers regular cybersecurity training for all staff members. Employees should be able to identify security risks like phishing emails, spear phishing, ransomware, etc. They should also know which department to reach out to if they suspect a data breach. 

Provide on-going cybersecurity training, and be sure to cover the latest scams and vulnerabilities, like the data breach that was recently unleashed on CSX through third-party software. New security threats are developed every day, and employees need training on how to protect the company and personal data from being compromised.

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