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6 Ways an MSP Can Help Your Business’ Productivity

Many small to mid-sized businesses rely on a Managed Services Provider (MSP) as their primary IT support. If your company already has an IT person or department, our team of knowledgeable and reliable IT experts can serve as a resource to support your IT team, increasing your company’s efficiency. 

One common misconception that many businesses have is that partnering with an MSP means giving up all facets of your internal IT management.  It’s true that some companies turn their entire IT infrastructure over to an MSP, but they are often very small businesses that have no dedicated IT personnel. Other companies look at the MSP relationship as a partnership. 

There are many ways an MSP is able to help your internal IT team be more effective, such as freeing up your IT staff to work on other tasks. Here are just a few ways an MSP can help:

  1. Providing expert help desk support. MSPs can provide help desk support for most of your urgent service calls. MSPs can also be relied on to escalate specific issues, so that only the team members necessary for resolving the specific issue get involved.  
  2. MSPs are available on weekends and during non-working hours. MSPs are responsive 24 x 7 x 365. Rather than having to wait for your IT person to explore issues and develop solutions, the MSP can begin work on critical issues as soon as they occur. This increases your coverage, enabling you to leverage an always-available IT team while still keeping your internal staff for your on-going computer management functions.
  3. An MSP extends your IT department. If your IT department consists of a single person, you may need help. One person can accomplish a lot in IT, but there’s also an ever-growing list of things they’ll never have time to pursue because there are a limited number of hours in a day. 

An MSP supplements your IT by handling repetitive, time-consuming processes that are essential for your company. For example, a one-person IT shop might not have time to properly patch and update your IT infrastructure, but an MSP has a dedicated group of people to handle that task so you always know you are up-to-date. 

Whether it’s a patch program, daily, weekly, or monthly backups, or some other aspect of IT management, the MSP handles it, freeing your IT team up to become a strategic part of your business. This means your internal IT can spend more time on new technologies to make you more competitive.  An MSP frees your IT department so that it can become a strategic part of your business. 

Probably the greatest benefit of partnering with an MSP is that they can handle the minutia of everyday IT management that can bog your IT department down. MSPs can also add value to your company by handling routine IT tasks and providing targeted support during a period of growth. 

An MSP provides specialized skills and certifications: The people who make up small IT departments often have a wide variety of skills. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the depth of skills necessary to ensure your IT infrastructure is fully supported.  

Many IT tasks require specific skill sets. This is an area where your IT team probably needs support. An MSP has a team of specialized IT personnel who have the right knowledge and certifications for the job.

  1. Optimizing onboarding and migration. MSPs have managed hundreds of migrations. Not only are MSPs able to detect and mitigate problems before they become issues, but they can also advise your company on the best and easiest migration paths. An MSP can shoulder the responsibility for your IT infrastructure. 

Do you ever wonder who is handling a specific aspect of your IT management? If you do, then you need an MSP’s help. Your MSP partner will take responsibility for specific aspects of your IT infrastructure so you never have to wonder who is managing or monitoring the capabilities that keep your business ahead of the competition.

  1. Optimize efficiency. MSPs can conduct a comprehensive network analysis of your current IT usage, and then improve productivity with new procedures and the latest technology. MSPs have the experience and expertise to identify issues within your business and quickly implement solutions. 

These IT projects can range from upgrading your physical infrastructure to transitioning to a cloud-based network. Partnering with an MSP makes your IT department scalable.

Are you entering a growth period? If so, you may look at how you can add additional people to your IT department to help handle the increased demands on your IT infrastructure. Rather than hiring a person, you could pull in an MSP that will act as a supplement to your existing IT capabilities. 

Not only can an MSP improve your existing technologies, but it can also give you access to additional technologies and features you didn’t have. The best part is, it’s all scalable. You have what you need when you need it, and when you don’t, you can scale back.

  1. Identifying ideal vendors and carriers. MSPs are very knowledgeable about the best vendors and carriers to use. Not only this, but many of them already have established relationships and negotiating power. MSPs can partner with you to obtain the services that you need at the most affordable cost.

These are just a few of the benefits of working with an MSP. Outsourced IT solutions give businesses continuous access to an entire IT department at an affordable, budget-friendly cost. Contact Kustura Technologies for a more thorough overview of the MSP process and how it can benefit your specific business. Visit our website to schedule your free initial assessment, or click here to read more about our services.


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