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Author: Angela Batterson

Cloud Management Outsourcing Conceptual Illustration
Angela Batterson

Should a Business Invest in Cloud Management Outsourcing?

Many businesses nowadays opt for managing and storing information and communications via a cloud network as opposed to on-site servers. Just because storage occurs in the cloud does not mean that “space” mustn’t be maintained – just like traditional servers. For some businesses, an IT team exists in-house to be able to manage the company-utilized cloud infrastructure effectively. For others, partnering with a local, outsourced IT team makes more sense. Before a business can choose which route works best for them, it’s important to understand the rationale behind opting for a cloud-based approach.   The Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Solutions   Cloud-based networks are becoming more and more popular because they are generally more cost-effective and offer greater accessibility and scalability than traditional network options. Sharing files and information throughout the organization and keeping up with software updates are both much easier accomplishments when utilizing cloud solutions. Also, the growth of the business isn’t inhibited by limitations with traditional servers and an in-house approach. Cloud networks offer much more flexibility when it comes to storage, and many businesses utilize multiple clouds to best manage the various information shared and stored daily. Multiplying storage capacities in an organization using a traditional

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