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Author: Ayla Gwizdak

Ayla Gwizdak

Malware – Viruses vs. Ransomware

When it comes to cybersecurity, terms used to describe different attack methods are often confusing to individuals and business owners. However, knowing the basics regarding cyberattacks is often the first step in protecting your organization and its data from cyber threats.  Before diving into specific malware types, it’s first crucial to understand malware as a whole. What is Malware? If you’ve ever received warnings that your technology has been compromised by malware, then you know the stress that can cause. The term malware comes with a negative connotation, but what exactly does it mean? Malware is a general term used for a tech program that intends to infiltrate and/or damage a piece of technology. Some malware programs are designed to simply break in and collect information from a device. This can be very dangerous in terms of cybersecurity, as critical information about an organization or its customers may be compromised. Other malware programs cause harm to devices by slowing down or stopping functionality. Some may even transfer control of a device to a third party. Malware is an inclusive term – there are further distinctions that specify the type of attack. Two of the most common forms of malware are

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