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Cyber Security

A Look at Ransomware in 2019

A Look at Ransomware in 2019 Ransomware, a malicious program that denies a user’s access to their computer until a sum of money is paid or face losing all of your data, is still a major issue for all computer users.  In May of 2019, government officials of Baltimore, MD, were

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Zombie Hand and Windows 7 Logo
Jennifer Athey

End of Support For Windows 7

It’s time to say goodbye to Windows 7. Developers will no longer offer support or updates for Windows 7, leaving thousands of users vulnerable to attacks. Find out why and how to avoid it!

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Posted March 25, 2019

Three ways to protect your company from Cyber Criminals

In today’s digital world running a small business can be overwhelming. There are so many variables to think about now when it comes to Information Technology. Is your network secure? Are your employees adequately trained in handling fraudulent emails? It is vital for business owners and their employees to be proactive to prevent cyber-attacks and security breaches from happening. Let’s review three tactics every business owner can use to...

HOW TO STOP "Tech rage" from taking over your office

The need for instantaneous results when dealing with technology has created the phenomenon best described as “tech rage”. We all know that overwhelming feeling of stress, anger, and anxiety when technology is not functioning correctly. Whether it be slow performance, connectivity issues, or frozen applications; it makes people bounce off the walls with frustration. Luckily for Jacksonville Businesses...

Posted March 1, 2019

Posted February 1, 2019

Master the art of social media marketing

Are you a curious business wanting to utilize Social Media Marketing successfully? If so, your company is not alone. Social Media completely consumes today's buyer market. So how do you leverage brand awareness in between family photos and funny animal videos? To answer this question, Kustura Technologies is sharing 5 Tips on how to master the art of Social Media Marketing...

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