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Majority of businesses now operate through online communications in some form or another; from company emails to electronic invoices, information is shared and stored electronically. Surprisingly, cyber security is very lacking for many companies, including small businesses and organizations. According to Norton Security: The United States is No. 1 target for targeted cyber attacks. It is of the upmost importance to take preventative measures against malware, ransomware, and other forms of viruses that can cripple your business operations. For the same purpose as locking your doors, you want to also lock down your information with cyber security and protection software

Kustura Technologies offers business level cyber IT security systems that will protect your company’s data including confidential files, emails, and all network communications. We monitor your cybersecurity around the clock to ensure you are always protected from any cyber threats.

It’s More Common Than You Think:
The Harris Poll survey found that three in five U.S. adults (60 percent) report that they or an immediate family member have ever been the victim of a scheme to defraud them online.

Our Solutions Include:

Network Security

Prevent having your information compromised with network security solutions such as firewall installation and maintenance, block harmful websites that contain ransomware, and ensure security for all devices connected to your network

Secured Data Storage

Have your data securely stored in our privately owned data center. Prevent having your company's data compromised by investing in Kustura Technologies cyber security solutions

Safeguard Communications

Our Peace of Mind packages ensure preventative measures are taken to safeguard your telecommunications with secured e-mail servers and e-mail cyber security services

Security Audits

Discover where your security is lacking and learn how it can be improved with our security audits and professional training courses

Business Security IT Solutions

Kustura Technologies of Jacksonville, FL offers comprehensive business security IT solutions which will keep your business data safe and secure. From phishing scams to malware, the potential for your emails and other forms of communication to be compromised is always at risk. Find Peace of Mind with our expert implementation, auditing, and security management services in Jacksonville, FL. 

Block Malicious Software

Stop malware, ransomware, and other viruses from infecting your work stations. Which is why we here at Kustura Technologies utilize top-performing anti-virus software and vigilantly monitor your networks around the clock. 

E-Mail Security

E-mail is a critical aspect of business communications. Kustura Technologies provides secured e-mail hosting servers that are HIPPA compliant and anti-spam measures to keep your e-mails secured.

Kustura Technologies can create specialized security plans for your specific needs. Be proactive. Plan for tomorrow before it happens today.

If you aren’t sure your current cyber security is giving you the protection you need, then contact us for a free consultation and security audit

Keep Secured Information In

& Malware, Viruses, Hackers Out

IT Security Audits

How safe are your work stations? Network connections? E-mail communications? There’s a myriad of ways your information could be compromised. Let us take the guess work out of where your security is lacking. Our security audits evaluate information handling processes, user practices, as well as physical and internal configuration of information. Prevent spear-phishing and business e-mail compromising attacks from hurting your company. Our fully comprehensive cyber security services can be utilized with our other IT services.

Comprehensive Online Security Training

We offer hands-on training for companies and those who want to take the proactive steps in protecting their sensitive information, bank accounts, and the future. Our training courses cover:

  • Business E-mail Compromise Protection
  • How to Identify & Avoid Phishing Scams
  • Domain spoof testing
  • Real time simulated attacks to assess your company’s security
  • Education on Social Engineering Tactics 
  • How to Stop & Recover From Ransomware

This training is available to organizations of any size and for individual clients. Find out where your security’s weak points are and improve your security before it’s too late. Sign up online here or call us.

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