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Enjoy Your Holiday Season by Avoiding these Top Three Holiday Hacking Scams

The Holiday Season is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. As technology becomes more innovative, so does the way we purchase products. Friends and family spend hours browsing gifts online trying to find the best presents for loved ones. To avoid crowds, many people use their computer or smartphones to buy these items. Unfortunately, this makes them an easy target for Holiday Hackers.  Holiday Hackers are cyber criminals who take advantage of unsuspecting people during the holiday season. According to Rurik Bradbury, a marketing executive at e-commerce security company Trustev, 40 percent of each year’s online fraud happens during October, November, and December. During the holiday’s Hackers expect people will be inputting precious data like credit card numbers, addresses, and other key personal information. Remember, hackers are just as excited about the holidays because they know people are more vulnerable. This month we are reviewing three of the most common ways hackers try to steal your information during the holidays and how you can avoid falling for their scams.  SCAM #1 – FAKE/COPYCAT WEBSITES If you’re like me, you might wait until the last minute to do ALL of your holiday shopping. The pressure to find the

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