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Microsoft “End of Life” Deadlines – How Will These Affect Your Business?

Microsoft “End of Life” Deadlines – How Will These Affect Your Business? According to Microsoft, all good things must come to an end. This is in reference to a few of its products approaching their “End of Life” deadlines. This month we will discuss two important deadlines and how they will affect three different products our customers use every day.   END OF LIFE “End of life” is a technological phrase that refers to when a product and/or service is phased out. It’s a deadline given to consumers when product support and service will no longer be offered. Once a product/service has reached an “End of Life” deadline, the use of those items become obsolete. Kustura Technologies recommends all of our customer’s update and upgrade systems before these deadlines arrive. This gives your company time to make any necessary adjustments to equipment, training, or project planning.  JANUARY 14, 2020  The first deadline we are going to discuss is January 14, 2020. This deadline applies to the Windows 7 Operating System and Windows Server 2008.   WINDOWS 7  Many businesses still use Windows 7 because they saw no reason to update to Windows 10. This feeling was related to the “if

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