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5 Smart Steps to Outsmart Phishing Scams

 Kustura Technologies is always looking out for your company’s BEST INTEREST.  This is why we developed our Top 5 Smart Steps to Outsmart Phishing Scams guide. You can download this guide in PDF form to share with your employees and/or co-workers. It is a great tool to educate your team on Phishing.  Statistics show that 91 percent of cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email. Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Why would someone click on something they feel is a red flag?” We all read Curious George growing up, so it’s safe to assume that most of these incidents are a result of employees being curious. However, people often fall for “the hook” because they think it’s an authentic email from corporate or from within the company.  The best way to prevent Phishing Scams is by making sure your business understands what “Phishing” is and what it looks like. According to, “Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords. The information is then used

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