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Kustura’s Cyber Security Solutions – Understanding the Need for Cyber Security

Understanding the Need for Cyber Security The most important part of Cyber Security is understanding exactly what the term means. Cyber Security is the protection of Internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data, from Cyber Attacks. As technology advances, it’s important your Cyber Security protection stays a step ahead.  The most noteworthy Cyber Attack to happen in our area was the 2013 Cyber Attack on the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). JEA unfortunately did not have a Cyber Security plan in place when this happened and it caused about a week worth of issues.  Cyber Security can be a scary thing for companies to think about – regardless of their size. This why it’s vital for businesses to understand how important Cyber Security it is. For our customers, we offer the “Peace of Mind” promise. This promise helps business owners relax knowing their data is safe and secure around-the-clock with Kustura Technologies.   The Benefits provided by Kustura Technologies  At Kustura Technologies, we believe in a proactive approach to protecting your business data. Our “Peace of Mind” Cyber Security Solutions include:  Anti-Virus Protection – protect your business from harmful viruses with our constant and ongoing monitoring of your company’s data Cyber

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