IT Disaster Recovery Planning in Jacksonville, FL

What would your company do if it lost all of its data, or hardware (PCs, telephone systems) today? Be ready before it happens. You never know the next natural disaster or hardware failure could occur. Kustura Technologies IT disaster backup plan includes offsite back-ups to our privately owned level 4 data center, security, data recovery, hardware repairs, and replacements. Although your data may be safe for now, don’t take the risk by not protecting your important information.

Our company believes in taking a proactive approach to protecting your business data. This results in a well-designed security architecture that addresses all aspects of security for your company. Keep your company’s information protected with Kustura’s disaster recovery plans as well as cybersecurity solutions.

Secure Backups

Prevent business interruptions should your data be lost or compromised. We ensure there is a backup of your company's data secured in our privately owned data center every 24 hours

Electrical Damage

Disasters including electrical outlet damage can prevent your business from performing important operations. Kustura can help replace any damaged equipment such as telephone systems, PCs, and other hardware equipment

Data Recovery

In event your company loses its data such as annual reports or confidential company data, Kustura can help recover and restore your data.

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