Disaster Recovery & Protection

Data Security & Back Up Before Accidents Occur

Kustura Technologies provides comprehensive security and backup’s for your critical data. Although the chances of a major disaster are rare, the probability still exists. Is your company’s data protected in the event of a major equipment failure, hardware failure, natural disaster, disgruntled employee, etc.?

We have you covered with our disaster planning and protection in the event of potential disasters.

Our company believes in a proactive approach to protecting your business data. This results in a well-designed security architecture that addresses all aspects of security for your company.

Doug Lucas
Doug LucasLucas & Scott Engineering, Inc.
"Their technicians are very professional and minimized our downtime."

Research shows...

1 %

of total unplanned downtime for small businesses is caused by hardware failure

1 %

of data loss is caused by power failure

1 %

of hardware failure and data loss is caused by user error 

Is your Data Protected? 

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