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E-mail Security Services in Jacksonville, FL.

Business Email Services in Jacksonville, FL

Protecting your assets includes your communications as well. Every day, we share critical and sensitive business information through email. Keeping that information secure is a top priority. Kustura Technologies offers advanced e-mail security services such as private and secure cloud based emails, encrypted e-mail backups, anti-spam software, and anti-phishing security awareness courses. Our business email services in Jacksonville, FL will protect your emails from malicious software and hackers.

Services Include:

Email Security Training Includes:

The best firewalls in the world cannot stop the human element of a scammer using manipulation to get sensitive information. CEO-fraud and spear-phishing attacks are constantly on the rise which is costing businesses and major corporations across America billions in assets.  Blocking one scammer’s e-mail address does not stop others from attempting to steal information or seeking financial gains from you. These attacks affect businesses on every level. Click here to learn more

Email Security Training Includes:

Are your e-mails protected?

We offer free IT consultations to pin-point weak areas in your security and e-mail services for your business.