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End of Support For Windows 7

It's time to say goodbye to Windows 7. Developers will no longer offer support or updates for Windows 7, leaving thousands of users vulnerable to attacks. Find out why and how to avoid it!
Windows 7

Windows 7: Impending End of Life

After a decade of its original launch, Windows 7 will no longer be supported by its developer Microsoft. The company will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs, laptops, or any other devices running on the operation system Windows 7. The End of Life for Windows 7 will happen on January 14, 2020. What does that mean for you and your devices that still use Windows 7?

Dangerous to Continue Using

The lack of security updates and patches will leave your devices extremely vulnerable. There is no shortage of malware out there. Every day new Trojan viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other programs are being pushed out by criminals. Without continued updates to your operating system’s security, cyber-criminals will prey on individuals who are still using Windows 7 after the End of Life date due to the lack of new security updates. Here at Kustura, we take cybersecurity to the next level with our array of security services including 24/7 monitoring, highly effective software, and security audits.

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“Today, [Windows 7] does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments.”

Software Compatibility Issues

Programs will become inaccessible and unusable on your devices. Software such as Quickbooks,  internet browsers, Adobe Suite products, and other major software programs will continue to roll out updates that will not be usable by Windows 7 devices due to software compatibility. 

Windows 7

Internet Explorer: Love it or hate it, support for will also end for Internet Explorer on Jan. 14, 2020

No More Support From Microsoft

Microsoft will discontinue all forms of support, such as internal tech support. Between now and Jan. 14, 2020 Microsoft will be pushing alerts to users to upgrade to Windows 10 via their devices more frequently than ever before. Microsoft is slowly killing off features for programs in Windows 7, such as Windows Media Player according to Techtimes. Other software such as Server 2008 will also see the end of its life cycle. On the other hand, Exchange 2010 will no longer be HIPAA or PCI compliant. Overall, major programs will be rendered useless, or create huge security risks.

Windows 7

So, What Can You Do?

The fastest and easiest solution is to upgrade to Windows 10. We can make updating your operating system easier than having to close those constant pop-up windows telling you the end is coming for Windows 7! We can ensure your data is safely backed up and secured before starting the updating process to your PC or laptop. Don’t wait until the very last day to upgrade your systems and work stations to Windows 10.

If you’re ready to update your computer from Windows 7 to a newer, faster, safer operating system, then you’re ready to call us!



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