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Enhance Your Career in 2019 with These New Year’s Resolutions

Kustura Technologies wants 2019 to be YOUR YEAR!
Let’s face it, as soon as we got used to writing “2018” on everything, 2019 snuck up on us! As business professionals, it’s always valuable to seek improvement within ourselves. January gives us the perfect opportunity to establish professional new year’s resolutions. Let’s examine two major areas every person wants to improve within their personal career, Success & Balance.
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Success is a goal every working person has. The problem is “success” is measured differently by each person. Kustura recommends making a checklist of smaller steps that will lead to accomplishing your main goal.
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Picture this, a college graduate working her first entry-level job in a non-profit environment. Her idea of success might be starting her own 501(c) (3) organization one day. Unless she is superwoman, this probably cannot be achieved in one year. What are some measurable goals she can set along the way?
  1. Networking – Over the next year establish professional relationships with at least 5 local non-profits
  2. Mentor – Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn to find a Mentor working as a non-profit CEO
  3. Project – Develop an innovative project that will make a difference & stand out once added to resume
Try using this structure for setting your own goals. This system works whether you’re a business owner wanting to increase revenue or an employee who wants a promotion. Think of at least three strategic steps to get you there! Each small step completed will help you feel more successful this year.
2019 - Balance
Work-Life Balance is something everyone wants, but very little of us have. It’s a struggle we all deal with whether we are business owners or people starting new careers. According to Forbes, “Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace.” If you’re like me, this is #1 on your goals list! So how can we all attain this type of professional balance in 2019?
The first tip is to teach yourself about setting more appropriate boundaries with co-workers. This means learning to say “no” more often. If you found yourself at your desk in 2018 constantly feeling overwhelmed, you may suffer from “yes” syndrome (I’m guilty too!). If you’re rolling your eyes with a smirk on your face right now, YOU KNOW EXACTLY what I’m talking about.
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You say “yes” anytime someone needs a favor or assigns a job to you that is their responsibility. Why do we you do this? You agree to do it because you’re afraid of saying no and letting them down. In 2019, try getting more comfortable with saying no to co-workers who need “help”. This small change will make you feel more in control. It will also encourage your co-worker to be more productive which turns into a win-win for office morale. 
Having the confidence to say “no” when appropriate also prevents you from being stressed out and irritable when you get home. (Your significant other and/or children can thank me later.)
The second tip is creating a to-do list each morning. This is something that’s very easy to incorporate into your routine with huge benefits in return! Let’s look at some bullet points a business owner may use for his or her list. Their agenda might look something like this:
  • Gather team for meeting in conference room at 8:30 a.m. to discuss 2018 highlights
  • Develop project planning timeline for the New Year with Project Managers
  • Review 2018 spending records
  • Meet with Accountant at 4:00 p.m. to revise Budget
These short bullet points can act as a map to guide your work day. As soon as you complete a task on the list, put a check-mark to the left of it. This valuable tip will help balance your workload and your thoughts. Remember this, no matter what your job title is, this system will work for you. How? A few perks of creating to-do lists include:
  • Completing tasks more efficiently, which means leaving work on time most nights
  • Having a physical resource you can utilize if you need to confirm if a task was completed or not
  • Being more productive throughout the day which leads to less stress and better energy levels
When it comes to balancing your personal life with your work life, most of what needs to be changed is at work. Speaking of work, learning how to avoid Technology Rage and how to optimize your Google Chrome browser, which can definitely help you transform your time this year! These 2 small steps can make a huge difference for you this year! What’s great about these tips is both of them can help you with any time management goals you set as well.
For more detailed information about Work-Life Balance, check out this article by Forbes. It provides an interesting breakdown of how each generation (Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennial’s) view Work-Life Balance.
2019 - Conquer
Remember, every New Year brings new opportunities to explore your passions and goals. From achieving Success to mastering the art of Work-Life Balance, you’re ready for 2019! Kustura Technologies wishes you the best of luck as you conquer your resolutions in 2019. No matter what career resolutions you set out to achieve for yourself and/or your company, we hope this is YOUR best year yet!
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