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How to Stay Safe On Social Media

How to Stay Safe On Social Media

With millions (actually billions, 3.2 billion according to Emarsys, 2019) of users connecting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it’s easy to want to meet new people and share your personal information online. While most people have good intentions online, there are definitely users who are scheming to use social media for dubious means, such as identity theft, stealing and selling your private information (emails, passwords, online browsing information). Let’s keep our information safe with these tips:


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Not Everything Needs to Be Online

Did you get a new phone number? Move to a new house? Fantastic! Letting your friends know about these new things is great, but be careful posting specific information online. You never know who’s watching your posts and photos online. Make sure to check your privacy settings on your posts to see who can see what on your profile! Here’s a guide on how to check your settings for Facebook.

Be Weary of Online Quizzes

Facebook Quiz ResultsWe all want to know what our dream burrito at Chipotle would be, or who we were in a past life, but these online quizzes often steal your sensitive information.

When you allow these quizzes to have access to your profile, you’re giving the developers of the quiz access to your photos, birthday, where you went to school, as well as your friends information. Your information could be used to steal your account because the questions asked are often security questions to important online accounts (i.e. online banking), or sold to other 3rd party companies.

Be Smart, Stay Safe

Social media can be a great thing – from staying connected to long distance friends and family, catching up on news, and looking at cat pictures. Take a moment from your daily social media time and make sure you’re staying safe online.

Security Elsewhere Online

It’s important to remember that your personal information can be compromised through other means. Ransomware and malware are two of the biggest security issues that anyone become a victim of. Read up on the current state of Ransomware in 2019 and learn how easily your whole device can be hijacked by hackers. 

It’s important to keep not only your information safe, but your friends and family’s as well! Learn more about how to use social media to your benefit. Kustura Technologies provides comprehensive cyber security audits which include your company use of Social Media. Already have your social media locked down? Need assistance optimizing your online presence and brand awareness? Let Kustura help!  



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