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Hurricane Season is Here

2019 Hurricane Season is Here

The First Coast is no stranger to hurricane season. Kustura Technologies of Jacksonville, FL wants to make sure you’re ready for this year’s season of tropical storms and hurricanes. We’re positive you’ve got the basics down like any other true Floridan would, but let us show you some tips you may not have thought of before. Nothing can help you weather the store better than setting up a disaster recovery plan to ensure your won’t be lost (unlike your outside umbrella) during this years hurricane season. Also make sure to get ready for the 2019 school year with our top selection of must-have back to school gadgets

Hurricane Season
Aftermath of Hurricane Irma, 2017- Riverside, Jacksonville, FL © CBS

Protect Your Tech

In many areas of Jacksonville, FL, you may experience flooding due to high tides or tropical storms making landfall. A great option to keep your tech safe is to store it inside a sealed cooler. Minimizing physical damage to your hardware is important.

Backup Your Data

You can’t account for what may happen to your devices during a hurricane. Ensure your important files are backed up to a remote server. Kustura Technologies’ privately owned secure data center can house all of your critical files and is also equipped with a generator to keep servers up and going for days after the power goes out. Offsite backups are key to avoid serious down time. Learn more about our disaster prevention services so you can recover quickly after the storm.

Prevent Lightning Damage

The last thing you need is a fried laptop! Make sure you unplug your computer or laptop from any wall outlets to avoid electrical damage to your devices! Alternatively, you can use a surge protector to try to mitigate damages. There are also uninterruptible power supplies that will keep your devices powered and safe during hurricanes. Quiet and easier to use than a generator, a UPS is definitely a great item to pick up.

Dead Smart Devices?

During hurricane season, you can expect to lose a few days of electricity at some points. What can you do to make sure your smartphone or emergency radio doesn’t die? Invest in battery packs. These portable charging packs can recharge your devices at least 3-4 times, depending on how long you use them. You can find them at your local retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target. We also suggest grabbing a solar battery pack. After the hurricane passes and the sun comes back out, you can still be without power for multiple days. Take advantage of the rays with a solar battery pack. 


Hurricane Season

Other Ways to Stay Safe

Besides physically safeguarding your workstations and information, you need to also be weary of how your information can be compromised remotely. Here’s some solid advice on how to protect your company from cyber criminals and their scams. 

With hurricane season starting up, make sure you’ve got your tech locked down (and your hurricane party guest list ready). Stay safe! If you have any questions or concerns about backing up your data, let us know! Give us a call. We’re happy to help.



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