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Data breaches, phishing and malware attacks, and stolen information are constant threats to businesses. Small businesses are the prime target for hackers because they suspect they’re not on anyone’s radar, and avoid investing in protection. According to CPO, almost 60% of all companies globally have experienced a form of cyber attack such as DDoS attacks, phishing, and social engineering.


How Does It Happen

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Cybersecurity attacks can happen through e-mail, cloud services, software programs, and websites. Hackers relentlessly devise new ways to try to steal stored customer records, company financial information, employee details (like social security numbers), and business correspondences. Business owners are aware that they need to protect their businesses. However, statistics show that many businesses wait until after they’ve been attacked to invest in cybersecurity services. 

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of Cyber Attacks Globally Target Small Businesses
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of Small Businesses Go out of Business Six Months of a Cyber Attack
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of Business Owners Have Zero Cybersecurity

Peace of Mind

Our IT security services are available at affordable rates. We provide a free initial consultation to pinpoint your security vulnerabilities and create a comprehensive plan to fit your needs. You’ll find peace of mind knowing your company and client’s information is protected and monitored around the clock. We perform routine checkups to ensure your information is impervious to cyberattacks.

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