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Why Use Cloud Services?

More and more developers write applications that are Cloud hosted. Cloud network solutions are therefore becoming more popular . Cloud-based networks  allow businesses to avoid having to invest time, money and effort managing  their IT network. Another big advantage of  implementing cloud network solutions for your business is scalability. Businesses best suited for cloud-hosted networks generally depend very heavily on multiple applications and programs making it a lot more complicated to maintain their IT network. Cloud-hosted networks make it easier than ever to  keep up with software updates and share file access. However, not all applications can be used on the Cloud and Cloud service setups might be different depending on many variables. It  is therefore best to discuss your needs 1 on 1 to know what network solution is best suited for you. Traditional locally hosted solutions might be a better fit for some businesses.

Kustura Technologies can deploy solutions both in private and public Cloud environments, or help you manage your present Cloud installation. Cloud solutions are constantly changing, updating, and upgrading. Virtual servers and software are as vulnerable to cyber attacks as physical servers are. We ensure your systems are always protected with our cybersecurity services. There are many different ways cloud solutions might benefit your business. Here are the key reasons to move your IT network to the Cloud: 

Perks of Using Cloud Solutions

Always Accessible

Using our cloud services means you will always be able to access important files and essential programs whenever, wherever you are. Now, files and programs can be accessed and updated real-time on approved devices. Working on the go has never been easier with our business cloud solutions. 


Cloud services offer faster and more efficient scalability. When your business transitions faster than expected, your cloud services can be adjusted in real-time to accomodate your needs. Expanding businesses and those with seasonal employees, scalability is key. We can update your services to match your needs as soon as they change. Improved scalability through cloud services means no hassle, no wait, or more importantly – no down time.

Cost Effective

Cloud solutions allow you to save on equipment and management costs. Instead of buying your own network server, your data will be securely stored on our privately owned data center. You can also change your cloud services to match your needs, whenever you need to. Reach out to us for a free IT consultation and cloud management assessment. 

Reduce Workloads

Streamlining work relieves stress and reduces time wasted on trivial tasks. No longer worry if your information is safely and securely backed up, or how you will continue your work when you’re out of the office. Using our cloud services brings connectivity to a new level. 

Managed Services

Why Outsource Your Cloud Management?

Managed cloud services take the stress of effectively maintaining a cloud environment off your shoulders. We offer professional and in-depth cloud managed services at affordable and flexible rates. Streamline your data backup process and application management with cloud computing without wasting hours and resources on implementation and maintenance. Outsourcing your cloud solution needs means saving thousands on annual costs to maintain an in-house IT department and avoiding costly mistakes that could result in losing all of your data. 

Benefits of Using a Managed Cloud Service Provider:

  • Personalized custom solutions to fit any business needs
  • Predictable Costs – Keep your IT costs low with our long-term IT services. Avoid the extra expenses of staffing a full time IT department, or reaching out to random IT companies when disasters arise
  •  Flexible delivery of cloud services to fit your needs and your budget
  • 24/7 coverage and personal support from our team of IT experts 
  • Off-site backups ensure your files are always secured

Easy to Get Started

It’s easier than 1, 2, 3 to migrate your information and applications to the cloud. 

Kustura Technologies can assist you with setting up your own custom cloud-based solutions.

We can virtualize your workstations and help you migrate to a cloud provider such as Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. Our goal is to help make IT management easy, affordable, and dependable. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule your IT consultation to assess your needs, contact us at (904) 855-8885 or e-mail us at

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