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The Most Common Copier & Printer Issues

Even in the digital age where much of business occurs online, most offices still rely on printers and copiers in some capacity. Whether that be to print reports, keep hard copies of employee files, or any other ad hoc printing need, copier and printer issues can significantly affect daily operations if not remedied quickly. When it comes to office machines, there are several common problems to watch out for. Some are solvable in-house with minor adjustments. Others require a more in-depth knowledge of the machines and are best suited for a local IT professional or team. Either way, printers, and copiers are important aspects of IT not to be ignored if you want to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Slow Printing Speed

Printers and copiers vary significantly in terms of speed, so slow printing may sometimes be attributed to the device’s quality, size, or style. But, there are often steps you can take to improve printing speed. Many pieces of office equipment now communicate with others via Wi-Fi, rather than a traditional cable connection. Machines located too far away from the router may suffer from slower communication and printing speed, so be strategic about where devices and routers go in relation to each other. Router speed also plays a part, so it’s critical to ensure it offers enough bandwidth to power that communication speed.

Other than physical device placement, there are other steps you can take to speed up your printing. Most software applications offer multiple options in terms of printing quality. Printing documents in the lowest quality setting will likely speed up the process. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for formal reports or presentations but works well when you can sacrifice a bit on resolution. Double-sided printing also slows down printing speed, as the device has to physically turn the paper over halfway through.

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Paper Jams

Jams are arguably the most frustrating printer issue for business owners. With improvements in technology, paper jams don’t occur as often as they did a decade or two ago. However, if you find yourself dealing with jams often, we recommend a few tactics. Most jams are caused by misalignment of the paper at some point in the process. Large stacks of paper are more likely to become misaligned, so act conservatively when feeding the device. Also, ensure whatever size stack you do feed is squared up with the edges of the feeding compartment.

When a jam does occur, removing the stuck paper and realigning the remaining feeder paper likely will solve the issue. However, some jams occur within a machine and are difficult to assess and fix without the proper knowledge or tools. In these cases, contact a local printer repair expert to ensure the problem is handled successfully. Look for experts with a proven track record of experience working on the brand of device you have.

Low Print Quality

Documents that come out of a printer or copier smudged, faded, or with a low-quality resolution are frustrating. Not only do these have to be reprinted, but you’ve also wasted the paper and toner or ink. As previously mentioned, most applications allow you to choose the print quality, so adjusting this may fix the issue. Also, selecting the correct media and the right type of paper in these print settings should help.

Ink cartridge damage could also be a culprit. Most devices provide easy access to cartridge storage to make replacing them quick. This means you should be able to check on those cartridges and replace any that appear dented or damaged. In cases where that damage is occurring to cartridges once installed in the device, an expert may be able to realign or replace components to ensure it doesn’t continue happening with new cartridges.

Nothing Will Print

Printers or copiers failing to print anything may seem like the worst scenario. However, it is often a quick fix in these situations. Many large offices have multiple devices connected via a network or internet connection. So, mistakenly selecting the wrong device when printing is an easy mistake. Sometimes, failing to print is simply an indication a device is out of paper.  

If the above fixes don’t solve the issue, a system reset may do the trick. If that still proves unsuccessful, a call to your local IT professional may be warranted. Issues such as corrupted drivers or internal component failure are best diagnosed by an expert with experience working on similar devices.

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