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Three Reasons to Choose Local for IT Services

Many large businesses have internal IT needs to handle tasks like networking, email services, and cybersecurity.  However, for small and mis-sized businesses, this is generally feasible.  So, many organizations look to external partners for their IT needs.  Options for these services continue are seemingly endless, with new virtual IT organizations popping up daily.  With all of the options available online, why might an organization choose to stay local when it comes to IT services?  There are several reasons.  Choosing local often means customized solutions and superb responsiveness in times of trouble.

1. Customized Solutions

Most large managed service providers (MSPs) provide a few different plan options so that businesses looking for IT support can choose which works best for their needs.  However, customization of these plans is generally pretty limited, or not available at all.  These providers likely serve hundreds or thousands of clients, so they keep offerings standardized in order to provide what most businesses require.

One of the biggest benefits of going with a smaller, local provider is that they can often craft a customized plan of support based on a business and their specific needs.  This ensures that all needs are covered as well as prevents clients from paying for services they don’t need.

2. Fast, Around the Clock Support

Another benefit of choosing local for IT support is the level and speed of support these providers often offer.  A great MSP keeps business operations running smoothly, without major disruptions due to IT issues.  Working with a local provider means no waiting in hold lines for hours trying to get support or resolve an issue.  Many national providers don’t even offer phone support, and require ticket submission for them to investigate an issue.  Depending on the provider, this may take hours, days, or even weeks to reach a resolution.  That simply doesn’t work for most businesses, as IT is a crucial part of daily operations.  Experiencing prolonged downed networks or software issues means less time devoted to performing critical business functions.

3. Peace of Mind

Most small and midsize businesses simply don’t have the personnel or expertise in-house to manage their IT needs and fully protect the business from cyber attacks and other threats.  In a growingly digital world, more communication and transactions happen virtually every day.  Because of this, maintaining a safe and secure IT environment is crucial for any business, no matter the industry.  Partnering with a local team of IT experts gives business owners peace of mind, knowing they are protected and supported in times of need.  That is because local experts understand the regional IT landscape and can provide the localized, hands-on support that many virtual companies cannot.

Managed IT Services from Kustura Technologies

For businesses in Jacksonville and Gainesville, Kustura Technologies has been a trusted IT partner for over 20 years.  We work with individuals and organizations across multiple industries, including construction, law, and non-profit.  Rather than offer bundled packages in which not all services apply to your needs – we create and implement individualized IT plans and solutions that bring you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Owning and operating a business brings with it a lot of stress and potential for failure.  Failing to properly set up and maintaining an IT infrastructure adds another layer of vulnerability for businesses, leaving them susceptible to cyber attacks, data loss, and downtime solving future issues.

So what services can be included in a plan with Kustura?  Our team offers a suite of services and craft the right combination for your business.  Services include:

Cyber Security & Disaster Recovery Planning:  A sustainable IT infrastructure is one that is protected against threats, no matter the source.  Both severe weather and cyber attackers threaten the security and functionality of an IT network.  Kustura Technologies offers services to help businesses better prevent damage to hardware (servers, PCs, telephone systems, etc.) from occurring as well as recover quickly from a disastrous event which causes damage and/or data loss.



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