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Using RMM Software to Grow Your Business in 2021

Businesses today often depend on the latest IT features to be competitive in the current market. More and more companies are going either partly or fully remote. Therefore, most businesses who out-source their IT are using RMM software to retain their competitive edge. 

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RMM is Remote Monitoring Management. As the name indicates, RMM software helps monitor how remote computer systems operate and to manage IT workflow, so it functions smoothly.

Managed Services Providers like Kustura generally use RMM software to provide IT support for their customers. This enables MSPs to offer robust, reliable IT services for customers in various locations, helping repair issues in multiple locations from one central source. 

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Advantages of RMM software

There are many RMM systems available today, including Comodo One, Atera, and Continuum. At Kustura, we prefer to use Atera RMM because it enables us to efficiently provide real-time support to manage our customer’s IT needs across our local region.

RMM software enables us to help our client’s become more productive and successful. 

Following are the three main advantages it provides:

  1. Real-time remote management of IT systems allows IT support to be offered to many networks throughout our geographic area.
  2. Robust IT monitoring: including cybersecurity functions, user backup,  PSA and other software, RMM monitoring panels in our centrally located office where techs oversee throughout the day several screens at various customer locations.
  3. Becoming automated helps businesses adjust their scope of operations more efficiently, enabling more workstations to be managed remotely.

What is RMM software used for?

RMM software has many capabilities, including:

Remote monitoring and alerting: RMM solutions are continuously monitored and maintained 24 hours per day/7 days per week for individual desktops and entire computer networks. 

IT technicians can be alerted to potential areas of concern before they become troublesome, generating systematic methods to address those issues and creating reports that provide accountability, resource status, and assessment of IT services provided.

Remote connection to repair and maintain computers in various locations simultaneously. IT techs can remotely install software, provide data updates, and connect computers to correct issues without disturbing the client’s facility workflow.

In addition to these basic functions, RMMs are used to monitor out-sourced cybersecurity and backup capabilities.


Based on these functions, it seems evident that most MSP’s place a high value on their RMM software to maintain their support solutions.

We at Kustura believe that RMM platforms should make IT easier to access. For that reason, we offer a modern systemized solution of robust, intuitive functionality and comprehensive remote support. 

For more information about how Kustura IT support can be the right choice for your business and a free network analysis, call us at 904-855-8885 or visit our website.


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