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Web Design & Internet Marketing: Do It Yourself or Hire Someone Else?

Web Design & Internet Marketing: Do It Yourself or Hire Someone Else?

This month I will share the tools you need to decide if you’re ready to take on the internet alone or if hiring a third-party company like Kustura Technologies to manage your Web Design and Internet Marketing is the option for you. Should You Do It Yourself or Hire Someone Else? Let’s get started!


When planning the design of your new website or re-branded content, it’s important to understand your core message. What are you trying to tell your audience? Here are a few different ways to deliver your message through engaging content.
· Blogging
· Having a Strong SEO Strategy
· Being Active on Social Media


Blogging can be a game changer for your company! Writing consistent, monthly content keeps your audience involved. This is the best and easiest way to build brand presence and awareness. The biggest mistake many companies make is the assumption blogging is difficult and time-consuming. If you can dedicate 2 hours a week for researching and writing – you have time to blog! My 3 Essential rules for blogging are: Connect, Inform, and Encourage.
1. You need to Connect with your readers by finding current trends or topics related to your audience.
2. Your blogs should be interesting and unique. Find material that will Inform the visitors of your website, whether they are new or returning. If they learn something new, chances are they will return to see what other information you have to offer.
3. My last rule is to Encourage. What do I mean by that? The key to having a successful blog is writing honest material. Encourage your readers to explore ALL aspects related to your topic. Don’t be afraid to link to other websites similar to yours that also discuss the same subject. I know this suggestion is sometimes out of people’s comfort zone, so why do I recommend this? I believe giving visitors to your website different choices allows them to make clearer decisions on whatever you’re writing about. In my experience, they will continue reading your blog in hopes of discovering other related material. It’s a win-win.

Having a Strong SEO Strategy

 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO may seem like a very simple concept – choose a few words that match your company’s industry, product, message, etc. and you’re done! We all know nothing in life is ever as simple as it seems, and SEO is no exception.
Here are a couple of SEO Basics to get you started. (For a more in-depth look at how SEO works, I recommend checking out Hubspot’s blog “The Definition of SEO in 100 Words or Less”.)
KEYWORDS: A keyword is any word that relates to the content you have on your website. For our website, I chose words and phrases like Computers, Jacksonville IT Support, Managed Services Provider, etc. Keywords or keyword clusters help search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo rank you. The best way to develop these is by pretending to be your ideal customer. What would your ideal customer type into a search engine to find you? Use these words and phrases throughout your website pages, blogs, and social media posts (more on that later).
PAID ADS: If your company has the money to invest in paid advertisements, do it! Paid Ads are a great way to gain recognition and remain relevant among your competitors. Again, options are important and so is researching which browser your audience will most likely use. Of course, Google Ads are the most popular choice. You can also create paid ads through social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Being Active on Social Media

Besides Blogging, Being Active on Social Media is another crucial part of Web Design and Internet Marketing. This allows you to be with your potential and current customers 24/7. In today’s digital age, many people “live” from their phone. Posting updates about company news, industry topics, or just conversational Q&A messages go a long way in converting people into customers. Your company’s logo and core message will stay at the forefront of peoples mind if they interact with your pages on a daily or weekly basis.
Another important note I have to mention is this: Social Media is filled with Millennials who have a lot of spending power. In 2017, the millennial generation had a buying Power of $200 Billion. They were predicted to have THE MOST SPENDING POWER OF ANY GENERATION in 2018. That statement is no longer a prediction, as of this moment…it is a fact. (Source) This is important to keep in mind because if your company isn’t targeting Millennials – you need to be. Being Active on Social Media can help your business leverage this buying power.


Your business is ready to take on the Internet, so what is your next step? Do you try learning platforms like WordPress or Wix yourself? Or do you hire someone else to manage your Web Design and Internet Marketing tactics? Using the tools we discussed today, you should be able to make an educated decision on which option is the best for you.
· Blogging
· Having a Strong SEO Strategy
· Being Active on Social Media
If your company doesn’t have the time to invest in these tools on its own, Kustura Technologies is here to help.
Kustura Technologies offers its customers “Success without the Stress” with our Web Design & Internet Marketing Services. As a Managed Services Provider, your company’s best interest is always at the top of our list.
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